SMS Customer Reminders

SMS Customer Reminders |

Here are some interesting stats that I came across recently – “More than 98% of text messages from brands or businesses are read, 90% of those within three minutes.”

SMS marketing is obviously an effective way of communicating with your customers and clients. So, we decided to use this efficient medium and integrated this option into the reflexology system.

On a recent trip to my Doctors I noticed a display board advertising some really important facts about the service they provide to their patients. It showed the amount of fulfilled or completed appointments in the month so far. Interestingly it also stated the number of non-attended appointments; put simply, “no shows”, made within the month.

The Doctors went a step further by converting the “no show” hours lost, to patients that could have been seen if they were given a simple cancellation call. Then they monetised the value lost to the community, something like £3,500 at that point. I was horrified by the loss, especially when we hear every day about under funding for the NHS!

Brand New: I thought this problem must happen in the Reflexology world? I know my wife turns up to “I forgot you were coming” or just a couple of hours’ notice of cancellation, enough to save the journey but not enough to book another fresh appointment!

So, we built into the system automatically generated Reminders to be text or emailed to the client reminding them of the appointment, the day before.

I expect a number of benefits will be gained by employing SMS customer reminders…

  • Reduction in the “I forgot” incidents
  • Good notice to book a fresh appointment
  • A cancellation charge for persistent offenders

Remember, the SMS success rate make using the SMS customer reminders function an absolute must!

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