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| How much is my Reflexology Business Worth? |

How would you like to receive a cash lump sum upon the sale of your reflexology business? Every business, no matter how small needs an exit plan as well as a growth plan!

You work hard to establish a reflexology business, one that provides an income, offers a personal service to its loyal client base, and has taken a lot of blood sweat and tears to create. And then things change…

For a good many reasons people at some point in their lives decide to sell the business they have worked long and hard to build and maintain. And at that point it’s critical to know what your business is worth. Don’t just stop! It has a cash value!

However, the big challenge comes in valuing what you and the potential buyer believe its worth, not surprisingly opinions often differ.

Creating a well maintained data base of clients, a history of the treatments you’ve provided, fees charged and costs incurred, is clear evidence of your endeavours and the loyalty of your clients. All of which supports your valuation. Being able to demonstrate these at a click of a button is priceless!

Simply stated, the value of any business pivots on how much profit it will continue to make, offset by the risks involved in maintaining the revenue stream.

In reflexology or any kind of treatment-based business, it’s the hard-to-measure elements such as key relationships, customer loyalty, a strong customer base and goodwill factors, which provide the most value. So, being able to demonstrate these elements easily is your ticket to success!

Nobody likes data entry. However, if you document your clients and the key details of your business (the intangibles), those hard to measure elements that can provide the biggest payoff, plus your accountant supports all of this with “the numbers”, you have created the best chance at getting a good price for your reflexology business.

Key points for creating value…

  1. Catalogue your Clients
  2. Maintain your Client Data Base
  3. Keep good Treatment Records
  4. Record Fees Charged

Our reflexology system allows you to do all of the above and more!

It’s not designed for Accountants, but for working Therapists!

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