Media Campfire Marketing

Media Campfire Marketing

Support Your Website with Media Campfire Marketing!

Promote your Website

Create a Spark
Starter Pack to promote your website.

Starts With:
Content Marketing
Google My Business setup
Social Media Banners

Twigs and Branches
Build your Media Campfire with Activity.

Increase With:
More Content
More Brand Awareness
More Often

Adding Logs
Turn your Website into a Beacon of Light!

Target With:
Email Posts
News Updates
Video Content

Toast your Marshmallows!
Your Business seen as an Industry Leader Online.

Keep Going With:
More Great Content
Video Marketing
Email Posts

How to Promote your Website

Having a Business Website is Really Important! Promote Your Website, Vital!

Content Marketing

Engaging Content is Fuel

  • Cornerstone of Modern SEO
  • Get Noticed on Social Media
  • Content is not Advertising!


It’s over 20 Years Old

  • Direct Contact Strategy
  • Needs Great Content
  • Needs to be Credible!

Social Media Marketing

Not Just Odd Video & Selfies

  • Business Networking
  • Great Target Marketing
  • Client Investigate You!

Website Promotion Online

Digital Marketing means advertising through Online Channels. For Example; Search Engines, Websites, Social Media, Email Marketing and Mobile Apps.

The biggest challenge to any website is to be where potential clients are looking! If you only have a modest budget for SEO marketing, that’s fine, we can make it work hard to promote your business. At the very least it should be self-funding with the very real potential to deliver far more than it costs. Website promotion is an ever evolving area and the more you invest with a range of good quality activities, the better it will serve the company going forward.

We currently running a great offer for anyone needing a new website, we provide our campfire SEO marketing at a discounted rate of 50% for a massive 3 months! Not only that but we offer the sites on a pay monthly website bundle that allows you to choose from a number of options depending on your budget. The even better news is that NO deposit is required for the website deal!

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