Pay Monthly Websites

Pay Monthly Websites

Spread the Cost and get Online with a Business Website!

How It Works

Choose a Website Package
Don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create an option just for you!

Tell us about your Business
so we can start working on your business website. The more information you provide, the easier for us to better understand your business website requirements.

We then agree the Design
We can discuss the look and feel of your new site and any features to be included. It’s also good at this point to look at your competitors website to analyse their strengths.

We start the Build Process
We’ll start to code and build your website based on the design and content we’ve agreed upon.

It’s launch time!
Your website is ready, it’s time to go live. We’ll manage your hosting and make your Website live on your chosen domain, with an SSL Certificate.

We Monitor Pay Monthly Websites
We make sure all its components are up to date. Plus, we can support you with the “techy” bits, should anything unexpected happen to your site.

We look forward to watching your business grow and supporting you on that journey!

Payment Options

Starter Website
£35 a month*
Business Extra
£55 a month*
Business & Social
£75 a month*

*Ongoing monthly charge, minimum period 12 months, initial deposit required.

Pay Monthly Websites

We provide a Content Management System (CMS) as standard with all pay monthly websites. This allows you to edit your pictures and editorial, giving you control over your content, if you wish.

We register pay monthly websites to the main search engines and set up the analytics to help you analyse your website’s progress online.

Today it’s really important that a pay monthly website is mobile friendly and looking good on all browsers and devices. Regardless of the device, your business website will automatically adjust to best fit the size of the screen.

So we can help you with not only design and build of your website, but the hosting as well. Our packages include the first years hosting and SSL Certificate.

Social Media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, can be integrate on your website. If you’re not, set up with these elements we can help you set them up keeping the Branding established on the website!