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We live in a world full of news stories about bad things happening to people whilst at work, or going about their normal day! I’m reminded of Suzy¬†Lamplugh an Estate Agent reported missing on 28 July 1986 (aged 25). How is it that over 30 years later her story is still uppermost in our minds, especially for those providing any sort of service that requires home visits, particularly as a lone worker.

It is important to do your homework on new clients, look at how the enquiry came about, recommendations offer the most comfort as you feel that nobody would pass on your details unless completely satisfied in that persons integrity. Nevertheless, that’s not always the case, if you have a website, advertise in social media, or hard copy, then you are inviting random calls from strangers!

We considered these issues when we designed our system. Integrating Google Maps & Diary allows you to firstly plan your route to an address, by entering the contact details into the system you can also look at the property using the map function. The diary can be viewed in multiple devices, so if somebody is wondering where you are and have access to your system, phone, tablet ect… they can see the appointment your attending and details of the property, as well as all of the contact details in case of an emergency!

3 Key Safety Tips the system can provide…

  • Plan your route to the property on maps (mini sat nav)
  • Look at the house you’re visiting on maps before you leave yours
  • Display¬†location and contact information for concerned others at all times.

Always let others know where you are, or at least have the ability to contact you if needs be. Mobile reflexology lone workers, or any visiting therapist, remember it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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