How to Upload a Document – Relfexology Software


In this video we’ll show you how to upload documents to your clients in the Reflexology system. This is a great way of cataloguing important information about your work and be able to access it wherever you have an Internet connection.

  1. Once you’ve logged in, click on the Clients button on the home page or click the Client Icon in the side menu.
  2. Here you will see your clients broken down into Active, Prospective and In House. Locate the client you wish to upload a document for.
  3. Once you are on the right client’s profile page click on the Documents tab. This documents section works similar to a folder system on a desktop computer; you create a folder and then add documents to it. This will help you keep your documents organised for your clients. To begin with each client will has no folders attached to them so you’ll need to create one first.
  4. Click Add Folder and type in a name for the folder, for example Medical Documents. Click create and the folder will be added to the documents tab for that client.
  5. Now to upload a document to the folder you can either do it from this page by clicking Upload a Document, or you can click on the folder to open it and then click Upload a Document from there; either way the uploading process will be the same.
  6. First type a File Name for your document, if you leave this blank then the document’s existing file name will be used. You will still be able to edit this name after uploading.
  7. Next choose the folder you want to upload to. We are in the Medical Documents folder so that one has been selected by default.
  8. Lastly click Choose File and locate the document on your device. Once you are happy with the information you’ve entered, click Upload. Depending on the size of your file this will take a moment to upload the document. Bare in mind your account will have a storage limit and you can view this in your account settings.
  9. Once the file is uploaded the page will refresh and the document will be added to the chosen folder. You can use this process to upload virtually any type of file, whether it’s a text document, a spread sheet, image, PDF or any other file type.
  10. Now that the document is in the system you can locate it and download a copy onto your device whenever you need it. You can also view certain files directly without needing to download; this will depend on support from your web browser, for example if you’re using Google Chrome, the web browser we recommend with our software, you will be able to view PDFs and Images will open in a new tab by simply clicking View.

Thanks for using our Reflexology system, remember if you have any feedback or suggestions for our system then you can use the feedback section shown here.