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Our Reflexology web app video will help Reflexologists understand how to manage their client’s, treatment appointments and details of any treatment. Whilst the system is tailored towards reflexologists it also lends itself nicely for use by general Therapist professionals to help them run their business as well.

To get started with our reflexology web app you will need to complete a short registration form. We will then send over an activation email to the email address you’ve registered with. Remember the big bonus is that all of your data is stored safe and securely, accessible by you on any internet enabled device.

Once you’re in the system you can use it to organise your clients. You can store medical information about them and a general profile of their diet and lifestyle. Plus, set up and manage treatment appointments for them, which can be synced directly with your Google Calendar, with Google maps to show you where they live if you need to travel. As you carry out your treatments you can store notes against the client and upload relevant documents for each of them as well.

A big benefit is that the system being a web app is accessible from any internet enabled device such as Smartphones, Tablets, portable and desktop computers and you don’t need to download any software, because the whole system runs in your browser. Where possible we recommend using the Google Chrome as our system features are fully supported in Chrome, but the others work fine too, just a few differences in usage.

Please feel free to take a look through our tutorial videos in the system to get started when building your own account.

Thanks for using our Reflexology web app system, and remember if you have any suggestions on how to make it better then you can use the feedback section in the system, we like the idea of continuous improvement.

Please Watch our Reflexology web app video 

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