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My wife Anni is a reflexologist. She asked me to create an online system that she can use from her laptop, mobile phone, her iPad; in fact anywhere she could get a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

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The idea being that all of the paperwork could be stored electronically, notes of a treatment made in the system for future reference, any recommendations recorded so she can more easily followed up with the client, basically a traceable system for storing her work with each client.

One thing I found interesting was that not all customers are forever, surprise surprise! Some come for a specific reason, pregnancy, post-natal, or maybe it’s just a nice relaxing treatment to have. As such I thought it a good idea to reflect in the client section the customer status. So they can be Active, meaning working through a treatment cycle, perspective, so maybe taken an introductory session and thinking about booking more, In House, family and close friends on special rates, if you know what I mean! And then finally Archived, these are people that you haven’t seen in a long while; it’s good to keep them on file, but in the background, it makes the system less cluttered.

Of course the real advantage of splitting your customer base using reflexology software is that it can help you contact the various groups with targeted offers, for instance, in Archived you may offer a reconnect deal? And in the Active group you might ask if they would recommend you, or introduce you to someone new in exchange for a 50% reduction on the next treatment, if successful? These are just a couple of ideas on creating good targeted contact with your clientele. It wouldn’t take long to think of many more possibilities…

So, I have created an online system that she’s been using for the past few months and it works really well for her needs and that of her clients. We’re adding a few more features to the reflexology software that we hope are useful? We are always on the look out for feedback and suggestions on how to make the system even better. So please feel free to comment on the reflexology online system, we want your point of view.

One other point – All of your data is stored safely on our third party servers, which means, if you lose your laptop for instance you don’t lose any data, simply log back in on another device and you’re good to go.

Sorry about the laptop!

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